The history of Microsoft

3Every innovation begins with a dream. No matter how utopian this dream would seem to be, there is a high possibility that one day, this dream may become reality. Obstacles, difficulties and temporary lack of knowledge all combined may be powerful but when sheer fascination of the particular subject is involved, everything is possible. Back then, in the 1970s not many people would believe that one day popular typewriters will be replaced by an extensively more modern device. Computers required plenty of space in a room and they had to be stored in specific conditions. As exclusive machines, at the very beginning computers were used mostly at prestigious companies and for military applications and no signs of changes in this field could be noticed. It all has changed with a dream of two very young men interested in modern technology when the history of Microsoft was born.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were passionate dreamers of the young generation eager to make a change. The first step was made in 1975 when Gates and Allen launched a company that now is a living legend in the world of technology. The name of their company is Microsoft and possibly, Bill Gates would never even dare to dream of becoming one of the titans of modern technology. The history of Microsoft is a tale of a young man who had a very special goal: Gates’ dream was to develop computers and make them personal. Before Gates’ dreams could come true and a computer would be seen in every household, a long journey had to be undertaken.

In 1980 the history of Microsoft has reached a new stage as Bill Gates and Paul Allen established cooperation with Gates’ classmate from Harvard University, Steve Ballmer. Three talented computer enthusiasts, managed to design and eventually create a new computer operating system known as MS-DOS which became a bridge between two layers of system: hardware and programs. Microsoft has introduced not only an entirely new system but it is also known for creating a specific language with symbol C: as a basis. This symbol was followed by commands chosen by a user.

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