Microsoft software

3Universality does not necessarily equate to the lack of product individual approach and at least one of the world leading hi-tech company is well-recognized and respected for combining variety with compliance. Microsoft is a designer and producer of software, hardware, services, operating systems and innovative devices. Impressive variety of products is divided into groups of potential clients and in fact, the amount of products destined for a particular client is an extensive power of Microsoft. Nowadays, the highest level of popularity, apart from Microsoft operating systems themselves, has been achieved by business software, home and educational software. Products orientated to the field of entertainment also remain widely-known among the customers.

Microsoft operating systems can be distincted from each other upon specific criteria that enables clients to choose the version which would be the most suitable for their needs. The basic distinction between the systems is whether they are based on DOS core or NT core. As far as the DOS core was used in the earlier versions of Microsoft operating system, NT is a core with as innovative as useful graphical user interface. The early Microsoft software core commonly known as MS-DOS was supposed to ease control of the user interface with the use of mouse. On the contrary, the new core designed by Microsoft promotes users’ comfort, aesthetics and safety. Unlike DOS, NT core operates on files that are known as NTFS while their major role is to prevent Microsoft system from a possible damage. Such damages, can occur in a situation of a power failure and thus, a system shutdown that is forced. The alternative of NTFS files that cooperate with NT core is FAT. In this case, only DOS tracks are recognized while NTFS can recognise both types.

Another important distinction of Microsoft software core is based on determining whether they are a 32 bit or a 64 bit version. Microsoft has decided to use a 64 bit version in server versions of computer systems while 32 bit version can be found in operating systems produced post Windows XP, including the system version itself. 32 bit versions of systems onward exist simultaneously with 64 bit version. In 64 bit version, microprocessors are typical and this is the main reason why such version is used for home and in business.
Many versions of Microsoft software have been released over the time Microsoft exists but Microsoft XP was the first one which would offer highly developed compatibility of any application that was designed for the earlier versions. XP was also of the very first systems based on NT core, along with Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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