Microsoft Office Alternatives

3Software designed for business purposes is one of the most prominent fields of Microsoft. Microsoft Office offers a wide range of applications that make every business task more efficient. In fact, every casual office task can be performed easier and faster when specific office computer programs are used. In the hi-tech world, the present decades have shown that Microsoft is the leader among the producers of office software. Extensive variety of products, impressive range of options in every program and universality of the company are perceived as the most valued strong points. On the contrary, according to the vast majority of users the weakest point of Microsoft is… price.

Microsoft Office Alternatives are an ideal solution for any computer users that prefer to purchase applications of other types gaining an official authorization. Office applications are designed not only for business purposes as there are home editions as well. Alternatives in most cases follow the original Microsoft programs, thus remaining to some extent similar to the authorized versions. In the present years Microsoft Office Alternatives offer opportunities comparable to the authorized version.

Apache OpenOffice is the most well-known example of Microsoft Office Alternatives. Similarly to applications designed by Microsoft, Office is delivered in a package. The package is in fact a set of programs that are useful devices for the office work. What is more, those applications are not only intuitive in use but free of any charge. Among applications offered by Office there are such professional office work aids as: a word processor which is an alternative to Word, a program which enables the user to organize and then analyze data, an application which is responsible for providing aid when users have to create an audio-visual presentation and an editor for various mathematical equitation. Each of the applications is available when the Apache OpenOffice is downloaded. Even though all applications have to be download together they are used separately.