Microsoft Licensing types

3Individual needs and expectations of a customer are possible to be fulfilled as long as there is complexity of products involved. By such term as product complexity, each computer user is enabled to obtain the version that corresponds with his needs and expectations at the utmost. There is a general tendency of perceiving the originality of a license as the essential element and the key feature. Nevertheless, the fact of being an original and licensed product of a particular company is not the only characteristic feature that has to be taken into consideration when obtaining a license. Every type of license enables the user to gain specific and openly defined rights.

Microsoft Licensing types can be divided into several possibilities of reaching different levels of authorization. The first type, known as FFP (Full Packaged Product) is the license that equates to a limitless ownership. It can be bought from a store or online and due to this type a user is allowed to install the system not only on his desktop computer but also on his portable device.

Another type is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the main idea of this license is based on non-transferability. The system can be installed only on the first computer as it is connected with the motherboard. As long as the computer motherboard remains the same the user has every right to upgrade the system.
On the other hand, Software Assurance along with CAL (Client Access License) are an ideal solution for business and scholarly purposes as in this case, obtaining more licenses is required. In Microsoft Licensing types CAL can be chosen for at least 5 devices.

Now we can sum up this entry. There is a few types of licenses: